Over the years, many generations of students have voiced concerns and worked to implement change within the CCU Department of Theatre; whether it be the creation of student-run organizations and projects, discussing needs for change directly with faculty, or reporting inappropriate conduct and Title IX (coastal.edu/titleix/) violations to university administration. 


    Using the momentum of universal demands for racial equity, alumni and current students with CCU Department of Theatre faculty and staff met virtually over the summer to address the experience and trauma of BIPOC students. The purpose of these meetings was to provide a container for the experiences of BIPOC students and alumni. We provided research, testimony, actionable solutions, and educational resources to express the desperately needed changes in the CCU Department of Theatre.

    In our efforts to bring the CCU theatre community together to address the racialized harm committed against current and former students, we experienced the same microaggressions, gaslighting, and undermining that is synonymous with our experiences as students.


    Unfortunately, despite these efforts and the additional harm endured, little to no action has been taken to address the perpetually unsafe and inequitable educational environment of the theater department at CCU. The public petition we've created is a consolidated list of the demands presented in these community meetings and paints the future of the department we all wish to see. ​

Read the complete account of efforts made by students and alumni during the summer of 2020 here.


July 6th Presentation 
Student Support, Curriculum, and the BA/BFA Disparity
July 23rd Presentation
Community Healing, Department Culture, and Microaggressions
DEI Education
A Guide for Moving Toward Equity
Perceptions and Experiences
of Racial Bias in College Theatre Programs

This problem tree, based on Paulo Freire's methodology in Pedagogy of the Oppressed, was used as the primary framework for our community meetings and provides a blueprint for the actionable solutions we presented .