Until the specific changes outlined in our petition come to fruition,

we declare that the CCU Department of Theatre is not a safe environment for BIPOC students. At this time, we will not advocate for any new BIPOC students to attend this program. Presently, our focus is to uphold the wellbeing of the currently enrolled BIPOC students and to continue to heal as a community affected by this shared experience. 


In light of this, care packages from BIPOC alumni were sent to the current students during their midterm exams; which included items such as journals, handwritten notes, original artwork, plays, masks, and hand sanitizer. In addition to the care packages, alumni and current students created a book club to further the individual endeavor of being actively anti-racist.


The alumni of this program continue to make themselves available to BIPOC students for guidance, support, and assistance. Collectively, our coalition upholds a community of care despite the many missteps of the CCU Department of Theatre and the institution at large.